Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Veiwekani - NAWAIBUTA kei NALOTO (Tailevu North)

The Tribe of Nawaibuta in the Verata District in the Province of Tailevu consists of three villages (Nailega, Navunisole and Matacula) whose chief and leading clan is situated in Nailega village which is approximately 1 km North of Fulton College along the main Kings Road in the Tailevu North District.
There is a very special relationship between the Chiefly Clan of ‘Nawaibuta’ in Nailega and the Chiefly clan of ‘Naveicovatu village’ the ‘Mataqali Nacobogi’. The story goes back 6 - 7 generations when the then Chief of Nawaibuta had problems with his ten wives who failed to bear him a son. Worried that his family would not have a heir to his position, the Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’ requested the Chief of ‘Naveicovatu’ for a daughter to bear him a son in marriage. The request was approved and a daughter of the Chief of ‘Naveicovatu’ was arranged to marry the Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’. With the blessings of the Chief of ‘Naveicovatu’, a son was born thankfully to have been the next Chief of ‘Nawaibuta.’
In thanks giving, a daughter of the 2nd generation Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’ was returned to the Chief of ‘Naveicovatu’ to marry. The couple made children including another daughter that was again arranged to marry the 3rd generation of the Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’. The name of the daughter of ‘Naveicovatu’ was Sofia Liku.
Ratu Osea Vutikalulu of ‘Mataqali Nacobogi’ married Adi Ulamila Urumaidere of ‘Nawaibuta’ in Nailega village whose offsprings were Losena, Miriama Tinai, Ifereimi Tikoinabureveve, Sailasa Magiti, Selai Vuke, Tamarisi Marama and Vasiti Seduadua.
The generations of the Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’ multiplied successfully until there was a need for another exchange from the Chiefly family of ‘Nawaibuta’ to the Chiefly family of ‘Naveicovatu’. Two months from the 9th October 1970, the youngest sibling of the daughter of the Chief of ‘Nawaibuta’, Marica Vakasukawaqa gave away her son Varinava Vutikalulu to Ifereimi Tikoinabureveve (eldest son of Ratu Osea Vutikalulu) of the ‘Mataqali Nacobogi’. This was the last generation and exchange between the respected Chiefs.

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